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At the end of recent years, many recognition and reward activities have been held in the industry. The author recently participated in several award activities, after the lively, but also quite some feelings.

First, the National Textile Industry Management Innovation Award, organized by China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association, has been awarded for the fourth time this year, and its grade and scale have been improved. The author has the honor to participate as a judge, and has a deeper understanding and understanding of the enterprises participating in the election. From the point of view of the enterprises in this election, they have their own characteristics, experiences and achievements, which are impressive. Hengfeng of Dezhou achieves win-win situation by means of crowdsourcing mode, Ruiguang of Dalian excavates leadership innovation, deep cultivation of Sanlian Hongpu's industrialized service, production performance management guided by Internet of Things technology of Jifa Group, fine management participated by all members of Mianyang Jialian... Exploration of management innovation of every enterprise is real and full. Wisdom. Some are original management innovations, some are improvements to proven effective management modes. Although the modes are different, they have been proved effective by practice and deserve to be popularized and used for reference.

Innovation is a very big vocabulary, but it is also easy to generalize if it happens to be self-defeating, which is really not easy to grasp. As Wang Tiankai, president of China Textile Industry Federation, said, innovation is of great significance, not only referring to subversive reform, but also referring to other excellent experiences, combining with their own characteristics and adapting to the current situation of the industry management model can be called innovation. We can excavate several innovative enterprises with special characteristics in the annual evaluation and carry out the promotion and demonstration in the whole industry, and this activity will be successful. The fact is the same. As an enterprise, innovation is the direction and means. Only by persistent perseverance can we use it for ourselves and get twice the result with half the effort.

Another event is the 2015 China Textile and Garment Brand Story Selection organized by China Textile and Garment Brand Strategy Promotion Committee of China Textile and Garment Federation. This year is the first time to launch, and the author has the honor to participate as a judge. Selected nearly 60 brand stories, all-inclusive, colorful, dazzling. Whether it is the traditional brand such as Bosten, Hengyuanxiang, Romon, Seven Wolves, Li Ning, Hongdu, Ai, or the new brand such as Weiyun, Jiangnan cloth, outline, Redbol, Xilang, Liang Zi, Sifan, or the textile brand such as Muya Technology, Wuyang, Xingang, which has begun to focus on brand promotion. Tiancai, Autans and Shrek, from the stories of the brand which are full of content, full of emotion and eloquent, can make people feel the joy and pride of the clear direction of brand building, the persistence of action, and the approaching realization of dreams. Limited to the number of places, the winner has only 10 brands, but the entanglement in the selection process is also a relief.

There is also the "Light of Textile" 2015 Sino-Textile Federation Science and Technology Education Award Conference held in the Great Hall of the People of Beijing, which commends the annual textile industry for science and technology, education, skilled personnel, scientific and technological innovative talents and enterprises, which can be said to be a major event in the field of science and education in the industry. In the warm atmosphere of the scene, through the happy smiling faces, we can see the hardship and sweat behind the honor, how many days and nights of struggle and sleeplessness. It is precisely because of their silent efforts and unrepentant adherence that they have made progress in science and technology, the growth of talents, the prosperity of enterprises and the development of the industry.

Management, brand, science and education, three activities, three areas. Although there are differences, we can see the common direction and perseverance, that is, to use years of hard work to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry, and to take solid steps towards the goal of a strong textile country.

Applause, cheer for them!

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